Warrior Talents

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Warrior Talents

Post  Guest on Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:37 am

Hey everyone

I know we have a few warriors in the guild, so I'm putting forward some of my specs with a view to discussion and fine tuning. That having been said, please feel free to comment if you aren't a warrior Smile As most people probably know, Arms is traditionally the pvp spec, Fury is traditionally the PvE dps spec and Prot is for tanking. I have put below only my pve specs, including an Arms and Arms/Fury pve hybrid specs, which usually won't kick out as much dps as a full Fury spec, but may be useful in applying the +bleed effect debuff and the +physical damage debuff. Mortral strike can also be useful in encounters where the bosses heal, meaning your rogues can use poisons other than wound poison.



PvE Arms

I have just used sword spec here as an example, of course you can use the 2h weapon of your choice. Also, the points in unrelenting assault could be taken (along with 1 point from imp demo shout) and put into Imp Thunderclap if your tanks are unable to slow enemies attack speed by 20%. -20% attack speed can be huge in raids. You could also work back down the arms tree slightly and go for a more arm/fury hybrid including death wish.

Arms with Deathwish

Comments welcome Smile


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