Death Of Honour - A Fresh Start

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Death Of Honour - A Fresh Start

Post  Grahamlol on Mon Oct 05, 2009 11:15 am

As you might have noticed that Me , Monks and a few other have recently departed Death Of Honour - We haven't left with bad words or anythign we have left to make a new starta nd to find our feet if we want a guild or to start anew on Aion.

The reason we left was because Death of Honour for raidign anywayz has kinda been bleeding away and has not a really good chance at re organisezing itselfs without alot of effort from the officers - i put in alot of efffort before and we got a raiding team but it has kinda back fired and with the departure of Lissia which was tbh the tip of the iceberg which just made the point tht DoH doesnt have much of a chance with the Raiding Stucture - As i understand DoH will still be running with Posh still the Gm but i think only as a casual guild.

Sorry to see this happen in the 6 months i have been here i have enjoyed it alot !! and i am sad to see such a once so strong guild to deminish.

I will still be around on alts tht i have in the guild and i will either be on formoli or grahamlol - Feel free to gimme a w/s any time ....

Seee ya all around....

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