***IMPORTANT*** Significant changes to guild ranks and vault

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***IMPORTANT*** Significant changes to guild ranks and vault

Post  Lissia on Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:09 am

Moving to tenure based rankings:

Given the substantial number of level 80s in the guild and the tendency to recruit level 80s is seems odd that more than half our ranks are effectively for alts, therefore we will be moving to tenure based guild ranks, this also rewards loyalty to the guild with greater access to guild resources.
As anyone is recruited the inviting officer will need to add a join date in the officer note.

New Member Ranks

Sergeant -
Characters with less than 1 month tenure in guild or under 80th level
or inactive for over 2 months 1 stack max from vault (tab 1 only)
- Characters with less than 2 months tenure in guild - 2 stack max from vault (tabs 1-2)
Captain - Characters with less than 3 months tenure in guild - 3 stack max from vault (tabs 1-3)
Colonel Character with more than 3 months tenure in guild - 4 stack max from vault (tabs 1-4)
Raider - Members who have been approved by a Raid Officer as committed guild raiders, raid composition will take priority but these players will otherwise have first refusal on raids 5 stack max from vault (tabs 1-5)

As a minimum raider approval will only be given if all of the following criteria are met:

  • Character has at least 2 months tenure in guild
  • Raider requirements are met (TS, GEM, DBM etc.)
  • All gear has appropriate Enchants and Gems (including rep chants)
  • Has a forum login

New Officer Ranks (access to all tabs):

Raid Officer
Raid leaders 10 stack max from vault
General Guild Officers 10 stack max from vault
Field Marshal - Guild leader total access

Re-organizing the Vault

Alongside the updating of our ranks we are re-organizing the guild vault so that it becomes much more useful to our players, therefore we will have a very ordered and structured list of items in there. This is to avoid the massive amount of items we currently have that aren't withdrawn or used.
Once the clear out is completed we will also spend guild cash stocking up the tabs. You are more than welcome to deposit items on these lists to anywhere in the vault, but please avoid depositing anything not on these lists. We've done our best to make sure that all specs and profs can find some useful items in here, but if we've missed an item that seems an obvious choice please reply to this post to let us know. The overflow slots on each tab are for excess items from one of the existing options, items in the overflow may be sold to continue re-stocking the vault. Also note that green and unwanted blue and purple items that drop in guild raids will be disenchanted or sold to provide ongoing funds/items to the vault. All items will continue to be available at 1/2 the current AH price for guild members but must only be withdrawn on behalf of the character who has access and not for re-sale in any form.

New Vault Stocks:

Tab 1
Tab 2
Tab 3
Tab 4
Tab 5
Tab 6


These changes will take effect as follows:

The guild message of the day will shortly be re-set to direct people to this forum post

Later this week new rank rules will be activated first with regards to bank access, and withdrawal limits

Following this bank changes will begin, all items to be removed will be auctioned with the funds going back to the guild vault.

Ranks will then be re-assigned, everyone will be assumed to have a guild tenure of 3 months or more unless they have a join date less than that or have been inactive for over 2 months. All raider status' will be cleared; Themonks and Formoli will re-apply these as appropriate for characters who meet the new requirements.

Please take into account that this is a significant series of changes and though we will
do everything to keep disruption and confusion to a minimum, this will take some time.

We welcome any feedback regarding these changes.

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Re: ***IMPORTANT*** Significant changes to guild ranks and vault

Post  Grahamlol on Wed Sep 16, 2009 3:13 pm

justa quick question for the gb will officers have to right to remove gold for the guild - also i was thinkign about allowing the guild to repair from the gb during raids in uld and totc

just as due to wipes it can cost alot.

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Re: ***IMPORTANT*** Significant changes to guild ranks and vault

Post  Poshboots on Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:30 pm

I welcome and agree with the new system that Lissia has set out (and ty v much to Lissia for taking the initiative and giving the time on this). The new structure makes alot of sense, it has a clear logical structure that rewards loyalty and commitment to the guild, with ranks inter-linked with guild bank access and the whole thing designed to improve the raiding performance of the guild. The rather random dumping off ground of the guild bank is also something that we've been needing to address for a while now.

I'm not convinced about using bank funds for repairs except for tanks maybe in special cases but I'd far rather see the funds being used to empower and improve raiding performance in a positive way to prevent or minimise wipes rather than in a less productive sense on repair bills.

What do others think?

Best wishes

Posh drunken

hmm time to update the signature thing again - some of those stats look a bit low now!

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Re: ***IMPORTANT*** Significant changes to guild ranks and vault

Post  Lissia on Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:12 am

I'm against the random use of vault funds for repairs except where we are on the first guild attempt on a given raid or boss.

The logic here is simple; raiding inevitably costs money with regards to reagents, foods and the like, but we expect a player to be committed enough to provide these (completing 2-3 dailies normally provides enough cash to raid), first attempts on the other hand usually contain far more wipes and can result in an expenditure in the 100s of gold and given that we as a guild want to progress assisting with these seems prudent.

Additionally all ranks in the guild have the ability to withdraw some money from the guild vault therefore even if you've bought some expensive items or had little time to get your dailies done ahead of a certain raid you should still be able to manage.

Guild Vault Withdrawal limits
Short term loans not gifts, should be repaid in less than 1 week and no further withdrawals before the original is repaid

Sergeant - 10g
- 20g
Captain - 30g
Colonel 40g
Raider - 50g
Officers - 100g

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Re: ***IMPORTANT*** Significant changes to guild ranks and vault

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