Aion - Good or Good

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Aion - Good or Good

Post  Grahamlol on Wed Sep 30, 2009 11:23 am

i Have to Admit i was rather sceptical of Aion as i am a wow freak and thought tht i could never play aion to the same extent - but omg is Aion good - think it takes the encourging step from wow which can be looked as a childs game or an adults but aion seem to be a move complex game - " for example u can stand and just melee things u have to use combo's and potions and it gives u a choice to make ur characters then split into a diffrent tree.

I have to admit it looks so lifelike it is unbelieveable how so the characters - the weapons the npc and the monsters roaming all have been done to a great detail - The fighting style is diffrent none of this spam steady shot and wait for explosive shot for a hunter - but u have to think of ur skills and play to the characters weakness.

I have to admit i have been suprized by this game and it is real fun to level none of this boring running about - i think that makes leveling so fun is the scenery - it is beautiful and so life like,

hough i haven't played much of this game - 1day infact but it has already captured me and though it is far to soon to tell i don't know what end game is liek for this game so i ain't gonan say al loev or hate it though i have to admit i have loved what i have experienced so far and would encourage anyone who had doubts or interests to get the game and give it a go - u have my word you won't be disapointed.

Atm i am on Katrun or Kasrun an english server -

My name is Drekos on it - get in touch.

And i will be back to wow on raiding nyt's but as for now am just gonna sit on aion maybe log wow as well ofc but al be concentratiing on aion.

And i am onli trying out the game so i ain't left wow for good btw Razz al be back

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