Application Guidelines *Updated* please read before applying

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Application Guidelines *Updated* please read before applying

Post  Lissia on Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:21 am

Please make your application as a new post under Application we will attempt to respond as soon as possible but please do not whisper officers or members in game as this will hurt your chances.

While we maintain a polite guild chat and expect our members not to use expletives we do not consider applications from those who are under 18 unless they are well known to existing members. Additionally we operate under a set of guild rules to ensure a general standard of behavior from our members.

If you want to raid with us you need to meet the raider requirements so please check these out and ensure you provide details in the raid experience section below.

We do not consider applications from characters under 40th level.

Incomplete, one word or applications that otherwise provide us with no information will be ignored.

We need the following info from you:

Personal Details
References (People you know in Death of Honour):

Character Data
Main Character:
Professions/other info: (please include armory link)
Alts - if any:

Previous Guild:
Reason for leaving:


What do you bring to DoH: (Why do we want you?)
What do you expect from DoH: (Why do you pick us?)

Raid Experience (for raiders)
Raiding Experience in WotLK:
General pre-WotLK raid experience:
Raiding Availability (days and times):


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