My rogue experience

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My rogue experience

Post  Guest on Tue Dec 30, 2008 2:02 pm

Hello fellow rogues

First i would like too tell who i am and what classes i played before.
Am male from belgium half 40ty playing wow from the start.
I was a very long time ago member of doh (my first big guild) and we raided with reds raiders in MC.
With TBC we left cos of many politics during kara time.
Me and zorcha (ori) jined The Wrath and have been there for all the BC period we raided almost every day.
During that time i played most of the time my Warlock and in the early stages of my game play i played Iluvator my mage.

That s been said i have played a long time ranged casters.
Now am playing Sweetty for very short time and its completely different playstyle.
Am not really good with numbers and stats but i try too read up internet in rogue forums.

Wich addons i use too improve my play :

Omen hehe for threat
Recount too analize my hits ,misses ,dps
Rogue focus class tells me how many combo points energy and life points of the mob is left over
But most of all my DoTimer is great to have , it tells me in big bar how many time rests on my slice and dice and rupture (its also usefull for locks)

How do i play as rogue :

Mostly i try too start in stealth and sneak up mob open with a garotte.
Then build up 1 or 2 combo points too set up slice and dice.
Build up combo points with sinister strike till 3-5 combo and finish with rupture.
Cycle again for slice and dice and so on....

I use swords or fist weapons cos am combat sword spec.
Main hand will have deadly poisen, off hand instant poisen.

Gear wise

I build up my hit rating with gems and gear (donno the cap)
Then i look for crit and AP (attack power)
Agi i get from food and potions and some enchants on my gear

So this a bit what i tought about me as rogue player feel free too comment and advise me too improve.

Sweetty What a Face


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