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DoH Dodgeball

Post  Lissia on Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:26 pm

Time for the next social event.

The playing field will be Darnassus where the bridge from the temple to the bank will make a perfect course for us. The event will take place on Tuesday 21st at 8.30 server time (7.30 UK time)

Everyone taking part must create this macro and this is the only way in which balls can be passed (anything else wont count):

/y %t has been hit!
/use Heavy Leather Ball

You can change the flavour of 'has been hit' with whatever you want. You must also make sure you have 4-5 empty slots in your bags.

Basically we will roll off for who the starting 'thrower' will be, they will receive 1 Heavy Leather Ball. Everyone else lines up inside the temple, on my go they run to the bank - you are considered safe when you reach the island with the bank on it. The ball may be thrown to anyone else once it reaches you as long as they are not in the safe zone (bank island).

Once everyone has reached the safe zone I will give a new ball to the thrower plus anyone who automatically became a thrower and whoever got left with the ball becomes a thrower as well. Assuming everyone can follow some simple rules this should mean we have 2 throwers (but it might be more). They will then attempt to hit players running from the bank to the temple (temple safe zone is inside the temple).

Following this we will have at least 4 throwers, then 8 etc. until the last player is tagged - that player will receive an Icescale Leg Armor as a prize to sell or use (I will have enough for 3 prize runs).

Some rules:

  • Throwing a ball at a safe player or the throwers means you become a thrower automatically
  • Leaving the bridges makes you a thrower automatically
  • Throwing away my beautifully crafted items (at someone not playing) makes you a thrower automatically
  • Being the last person to have the ball (declared by the macro) makes you a thrower - even if you made a sneaky hand off or destroyed/claim not to have the ball
  • My discovering you arranged not to have space in your bags makes you a thrower automatically

You can use anything you can think of to make yourself less targetable or speed your movement including mounts, sprint, small feasts, baby spice, shadowmeld, blink, etc.

All players welcome, sign ups on gem or by mail to Eventmarshal.

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