Leveling my rouge

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Leveling my rouge

Post  Grahamlol on Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:59 pm

Atm my rogue is onli lvl 28 and i am combat spec - now what i am wondering is...

what spec should i go

what stats i should be aimiing to get high

and what inda play style i should be using

macro's and rotations would be minted ..

atm my weps is a sfk sword

and the heroism heartseeker ( with crusader enchant ) - helped my out of a few tight spaces

and also - do u use thistle tea ?

as i my recipe was vendor'd Razz - was that very stupid or does it not matter ?

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Re: Leveling my rouge

Post  Lissia on Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:48 pm

Gah - can't believe I missed this post before...

Combat is the spec I use - by all means play about with the others when you're a bit higher level - but combat is solid for leveling

Agility, agility, agility oh and maybe some stamina

Not sure what you mean...dps? The main advice I can think of is that you should be looking for as much control in any fight as you can - stun locking and interrupting is a much better style for a rogue given our armour and hp.

pick pocket + opener macros are great as they make sure you don't miss out on valuable loot, I've shown a back stab combination below, click one pps, click two attacks - you need this pause as sometimes an immediate attack closes the loot box without you getting their stuff(also you should have auto loot on):

/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Backstab

This macro for blind (if you have that ability yet) lets you bandage once the blind is applied. The break in this one lets you use blind alone to clear an enemy from the fight for a good few seconds

/cast Blind
/use [target=player] XXX Bandage

My standard instance rotation is: 2-3 point slice and dice, 5 gouge, 5 evicerate, 5snd, 5g, 5e....
however combo point generation is probably slower at your level, basically you should have slice and dice up as much as possible with gouge as your next choice then evicerate. The only time evicerate beats gouge is when the evicerate will kill the mob quicker.

When out and about alone fights usually progressed as follows (not so much anymore as things outside instances die too quickly):

Pick Pocket/Cheap Shot
Slice and Dice
Kidney Shot
Slice and Dice

You'll need to fit in kicks/blinds on the fly as you need them, note that the core of this rotation is the stunlock - your hp will not allow you to stand up and take it, so keep the enemy pinned down.

You should do everything you can to avoid pulling multiple mobs, sap is great for taking one out of the fight as is blind but when you do, know who you want first - ie the casters. You will find you drop clothies very very quickly - so make sure that is exactly what you do - they are far too dangerous to leave till last as dots and heals can cripple your ability to survive/win on an encounter.

Burn vanish whenever you need to - get it in early if in doubt. Mobs in the world don't generally insta-spawn back to full group numbers so hit the casters hard, drop them then vanish, walk away, heal up then take down the rest.

Swords are fine for a combat build - get them enchanted if you can and definately always have them poisoned (and always have a selection of all the best poisons you can use)!

Thistle tea used to share it's cooldown with healing pots so I never used it, I notice now that it shares it with warlock healthstones and so may be brewing up some - I'll let you know if I find it useful. Tbh its a nice not need - the length of the cd means it wont be in your standard rotation and getting to it may mean loosing to much focus on the rare occasions when you will need it - which are normally fleeting given the speed at which energy renews itself. If you want the recipe don;t worry - you can pick it up in the basement in ravenhold.


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