Great Guides for your Class.

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Great Guides for your Class.

Post  Calena on Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:15 pm

Just incase anyone is interested in wanting to know how to get the best spec / dps from their class Ensidia, the world number 1 guild on Magtheridon, do some fabulous guides for all classes and specs:

Just if you wanted to check if there is anyway that you could improve your dps, or check that you have the best spec they cater for all however there are a few missing guides but it's always good to check their forum for awnsered questions.

Their forum Link is:

Death Knight

Feral DPS + Tanking:
Afraid there does not seem to be a Balance one however i am sure there is a forum post with some awnsers somewhere.

DPS: Marksman
However, if you have not yet got a lvl 226 ranged weapon yet it is better to stay SV spec.
DPS: Survival

Afraid there don't seem to be any particular guides on either of the 3 specs however there are many questions which are awnsered by them on the Paladin Forum:

Shadow DPS:
Holy Healing:

No guide again i'm afraid however there is a Q/A thread:
And the Rogue forum is:

Elemental: There is no guide for Elemental however it is always good to check their forum for updates and Q/A threads.

DPS: Fire/Frostfire

DPS: Destruction

DPS: Arms + Fury
Tanking: Again, a missing tanking guide however here is the Warrior Forum Link:

Will try to keep this updated if any other Guides pop up - hope this helps people if they have any questions Very Happy

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Re: Great Guides for your Class.

Post  Poshboots on Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:05 am

Thanks Cal - looks like it could be pretty useful.

When I get a bit more free time I'll check it out.

Best wishes

Posh drunken

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