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Talent Build topic 2

Post  Viktoriya on Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:34 pm

Current top end game raiding specs

The Chain Healer (54/17/0)

Shamans are usually assigned to heal the raid, that happens because that is what shamans do best. This spec is optimized for raid healing with chain heal. You should have a haste based gear to be a excellent raid healer. Post naxxramas 25 you should have about 500+ haste and with tier 8 set bonus you will get 0.2 seconds reduction on chain heal cast time, making chain heal a very good reason for a raid healer to choose a shaman. To use this build, you should have 3 riptides always ticking in your raid mates and as soon as an aoe damage situation occurs, spam chain heal and top everyone up. In the meanwhile you can help healing everyone with lesser healing wave, but remember to keep your mana shield and earth shield up.

The Raid Healer (54/17/0)
Despite chain heal being our most characteristic spell, some very good shamans state that while you don't have the tier 8 set bonus, shaman aoe healing with chain heal is not as effective as healing with lesser healing wave + riptide. In 25 man raids, it's still not clear what is the best because very few shamans have more than 2 tier 8 pieces and it's not clear what technique heals more. But in 10 man raids, it's much more effective to heal with lesser healing wave +riptide. To heal with lhw+riptide, you just have to use glyph of lesser healing wave instead of glyph of chain heal, use your riptide to get the speed boost on lhw and top everyone up. In some situations, chain heal is much superior to lesser healing wave specially if casted before the damage occurs, which leads to the option of keeping 2 points in imporved chain heal. To heal with lesser healing wave you should have a crit based gear.

The Tank Healer (54/17/0) http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#hZ0xxGZx0euIeoxkbIRt:LAqzMc

We shamans should not be full time tank healers. We can heal a tank quite efficiently but that's by far not what we do best. Gear up for critical strike with this build, keep riptide up on the tank and use it for faster casts. Healing wave consumes very much mana, so use LHW more often and be sure to /stopcast if you need to to save mana and you are 100% sure the tank won't take damage. Remember to keep your mana shield up all the time and you should do fine, but never as fine as a paladin of course. Use this build ONLY if you will be a full time tank healer, which i do not advise any raid leader to assign a shaman to do.


As stated before, Restorartion is the road less traveled when it comes to leveling. If you were interested in instance leveling, then just follow the PvE or PvP talent build. You might want to go with the talent build that matches your server type.

Points can be shifted around depending on your play style.

This could be the only place you might see a viable "hybrid" class. When you level, you could put close to even points in Resto and Elemental so you get some damage increasing talents along with making you a viable healer if ever needed.

Many people find leveling a Restoration shaman tedious and slow because they sacrifice a lot of DPS for an increase in healing. A costly solution to this is to use an Elemental build for solo questing, and a Restoration build when grouping up for 5-man instances. Another solution might be to choose one of the elemental/restoration hybrids to draw synergies from the spell power you already possess as a restoration shaman (this applies only to players going from 70 to 80). For a starting shaman leveling with an exclusive resto build from level 10 and up is no easy feat. If you decide to do so you should consider the following build. The build will aim for good healing capabilities in 5-man instances but also get some talents that will help your leveling. One solution is to use a hybrid build (26/8/37) like this suggestion for leveling/instancing or lvl 80 questing and instancing. There are a fair bit of freedom in the resto tree, this is a good build for mp5 so it could probably be used as on off healer/dps for raids.

Shaman elder (level 70-79)
Build: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#hZbx0IZvccdceoxorIRt
Back in the old world, yet a new continent we continue in the Enhancement tree with Elemental Weapons 3/3. Returning now to the Restoration to flesh out the last details with another 2 points in Totemic Focus 4/5. and filling in the missing point in Improved Water Shield 3/3 and Healing Grace 3/3. We are rounding it all off with Ancestral Awakening 3/3.
The Patriach/Matriarch (level 80)

Your end result should look something like this. Depending on if you put your points in Healing Focus (Shaman talent) or Healing Grace you might have to respec. Take into consideration how often do you gain aggro in groups before you decide how many points you want to spend on Healing Grace. If you don't know the group or tank you are healing some agro reduction might be in order. How often are you getting pounded while healing while out in the wild, you shouldn't pick Healing Focus (Shaman talent) with 5-man runs in mind, its primary a solo talent, leaning towards PvP.

This build maximizes healing, crit, and mana regen at the cost of agro reduction. 0/16/55. If you have problems with agro this build isnt ideal.

Elemental (0 points)


Enhancement (13 points)

2/3 Enhancing Totems
5/5 Ancestral Knowledge
3/3 Improved Shields
3/3 Elemental Weapons

Restoration (58 points)

5/5 Improved Healing Wave
4/5 Totemic Focus or 4/5 Tidal Focus (or a combination)
3/3 Ancestral Healing
3/3 Improved Water Shield
1/1 Tidal Force
3/3 Healing Grace
5/5 Restorative Totems
5/5 Tidal Mastery
3/3 Healing Way
1/1 Nature's Swiftness
5/5 Purification
1/1 Mana Tide Totem
2/2 Blessing of the Eternals
2/2 Improved Chain Heal
3/3 Nature's Blessing
3/3 Ancestral Awakening
1/1 Earth Shield
2/2 Improved Earth Shield
5/5 Tidal Waves
1/1 Riptide

Resto PvP

I don't know how people feel about resto shamans in pvp but they certainly do their job as a healing clas other than most healers that try and get the killing blow, i myself know my place in a battleground which is to keep people alive. (Funny enough i get more honour from healing than i do dps)

So here is my build for a PvP Resto Shaman (0/20/51) [1]

Raiding (PVE)
Standard Raid Healing

This build (patch 3.1.2) offers a 14% increase in crit with all spells (Thundering Strikes, Tidal Mastery and Blessing of the Eternals) this allows ancestral healing, improved water shield, and ancestral awakening to proc fairly often. Keeping Earth Shield on the tank and Water Shield on you are always important, but with this build there is no benefit from improved shields so they have to be up at all times. I have had mana issues with this build before, but now i have over 150 more mp5. [Shamanistic Focus] is added for either when you manage to pull aggro or your getting put on interrupting it will save a large chunk of mana. This does not include full [Tidal Focus] its points are spent in favor of Shamanistic Focus.
Chain Healing / Improved Shields / Crit

This Build gives you all the good talents for Shields and Chain healing. Adds also alot of crit, enough not to need the Tidal Force talent. Also I skipped Healing grace as most tanks generate huge amounts of aggro. Healing Way and Improved Healing Wave are useless talents because if you're allocated to healing main Tank something is wrong with your raid setup. The best way to heal with this build is to keep Chain Healing when necessary, and keep the Riptide for instant heals before a Chain Heal on a target getting too much damage. You can use Lesser Heal to heal fast also and with the Ancestral Awakening and the amounts of crit you should heal one extra target too. Best practice is to heal the Earth Shield target and have the glyph [2] for the extra 20% increased Lesser Healing Wave on target affected by Earth Shield.
Healing Wave / Crit

Another good build is this one. This is mostly oriented towards heroics. The Healing Way talent plus short Healing Wave allows the caster to use Healing Wave on the tank and with the Glyph of Healing Wave heal himself while healing tank (or other member of party). You will do Riptide (to shoten Healing Wave time) then Healing Wave on the tank or member in hard times. Also the Tidal Forces makes it even better because with crits you can heal yourself with big heals and trigger Ancestral Awakening. This will make all heals from shaman viable: Healing Wave for big trouble on single target, Riptide for shortening that heal and added as an instant inbetween, Lesser to heal an offparty up while still doing Healing Wave, and Chain Healing if more members in same spot and more aoe not so much single target damage.
Elemental Raid DPS

57/14/0 http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#hiI0qcdItGbkuZhxMo

This build is centered around talents to maximize personal single-target damage output whilst keeping up necessary raid buffs. Elemental Weapons is taken over Enhancing Totems as a Death knight will generally overwrite it with Horn of Winter, and Totem of Wrath should be used instead of Flametongue Totem. Call of Flame and Storm, Earth and Fire are taken to increase your Lava Burst and boost the DoT portion of your Flame Shock.

Points have been taken out of Improved Shields as mana is rarely an issue with Replenishment and Mana Spring Totem. Instead, Elemental Reach is taken which is often useful in many boss situations, however if you find yourself having mana issues whilst keeping Water shield and Mana spring totem active and using Thunderstorm proactively, then feel free to drop Elemental Reach for the former talents.

Convection remains at 2/5 as points spent in Elemental Warding actually provides benefit, assuming there are no mana problems. If there are mana issues, another option is to take 3 points out of Eye of the Storm (talent) to place into Convection.

Glyphs are Glyph of Lava, Glyph of Lightning Bolt and Glyph of Flame Shock to maximize damage and efficiency of Lava Burst and boosting Lightning bolt.

51/13/7 http://www.wowarmory.com/talent-calc.xml?c=Shaman

Here is another build that may be considered useful. This is more of a build for solid damage and a sufficient leveling build. This also spreads out to other trees to get a few very benefitial talents, including Improved Reincarnation which is probably the talent that best reduce down time a Shaman can use. You go down a solid, maximum ranked 51 points into Elemental, of which the points are well spent for good DPS and a useful Lightning Overload proc.

Hybrid Builds
The term for "Hybrid Build" means spending the same amount of points in two or all three trees. The problem with this is that you lose the punch of all three of the builds if you do not fully invest 51 or more points into one tree. To distribute 20 or more points in all three trees will make you a viable jump around class for DPS or healing, however you will not be as viable as a Shaman that has at least 51 points in the tree.

A three tree build for shaman is never a viable choice.

* Elemental Shaman will go to the Enhancement Tree for Thundering Strikes and Shamanistic Focus.

* Enhancement Shaman will go to the Elemental Tree for Elemental Devastation and Elemental Focus.

* Resto will also go to the Enhacement tree for Thundering Strikes and Improved Shields.


a real hybrid spec this one is used for spell dps. gains from dual welding flame tongue, mental quickness, mental dexterity, and shamanistic focus from enh and can result in very large amounts of spell damage when stacking intellect gear. (note as of patch 3.0.8 blizzard is reworking mental quickness to only gain from agi rather than all ap so this spec looses most of its raid usefulness)

One of the main reasons Hybid Builds will never be viable DPS or healers is due to the fact of gear. Mail gear is split into Spell Damage and Melee Damage stats. To get an equal type of stats (for example, half of your gear is spell power and the other is attack power) for two trees will make you a weaker version of both of the two trees. You are basically not putting forth the power that you could if you just spec'd into one tree and pulled a few points from the other tree.

Elemental/Resto hybrid

32/5/34 http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#hE0Vq0dhxZ0xZx0eucxoxo

A build made for levelling and not much else even if I can imagine it would be usable even for other purposes due to the focus on mana regeneration. Caster dps talents along with some healing ones from the resto tree to make both questing and instance healing pretty easy on your way to 80. This should not be considered a fast levelling spec, it's for us who wants to heal dungeons and still want to solo a lot. The gear you will need for this is of course pure spell power mail and a lot of intellect.

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