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Raid Tools

Post  Wally on Fri May 08, 2009 11:05 pm

Not so much add-ons, but these are useful tools for people who want to maximise in every sense.

Be Imba- - This will take your character, and will pick nits like nothing else, It'll analyse what Gems and enchants your missing, or need to swap-as well as any vital stats your missing (e.g lack of hit cap).

WWS- - Create an account, activate the the client, start wow and type /combatlog. It will then report your damage, like recount. Its nice for 2 reasons. A) its perfectly accurate and can be linked to others-bragging rights ftw. B) You can then analyse data-looking a buff/debuff up time for instance. This is good for working out what part of your technique needs improving.

Raid set up- - This is a nice tool for raid leaders aiming to maximise the raid for new contents, as well people looking to check what buffs are being provided, and what's not going to be there (Hit rating debuff for instance).

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